This article reveals which safety standards are currently being worked on.
The VDMA trade association publication No. 10 (new edition 2016) specifies Aspergillus brasiliensis (DSM 1988/ATCC 16404) as the test germ for the validation of packaging disinfection using the pulse light method. On the basis of the test commissioned by ClaraNor, the issuing VDMA working group "Schnittstellenproblematik bei Aseptikanlagen" names Penicillium chrysogenum DSM 844 (spore suspension produced by Fraunhofer IVV, Freising) as a further test microorganism for the validation of packaging disinfection using the Pulsed Light process.
Draft EN standard - -Performance, safety and hygiene requirements
The question is: What about plastic food materials for infants?
PPT-slides covering appendix I of VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Document No. 2 (2016) „Hygienic Filling Machines for Liquid and Viscous Foods – Classification and Typical Fields of Application“
The third edition of VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Document No. 2 has been published recently.
On the occasion of the presentation of the draft of Sheet 5 of VDI 4066 on the subject of process control, the VDI invites to an expert forum in Düsseldorf on 5 December 2018.
What is HACCP? What does HACCP mean for mechanical engineering? The term Critical Control Point (CCP) is particularly misleading in practice. This FAQ article clarifies the terminology and gives hints for further information.
The question remains unchanged: Can several certificates be combined?
The Food Machinery and Packaging Machinery Association has published a position paper on materials and articles for contact with gases for food applications dated 4 October 2016.
The VDMA working group "Interface problems with aseptic systems" has compiled an overview of the areas of application for disinfection processes used in hygienic filling machines.
For more than twenty years, the VDMA working group "Interface problems in aseptic plants" has been publishing guidelines on the topic of hygienic and aseptic filling. The topics range from methods of microbiological validation of aseptic plants, minimum requirements for sterilization performance to practical guidelines. A publication overview can be found here.
On VDMA-KLassen IV and V filling machines, commercially sterile products are filled and sold with a long shelf life under uncooled storage conditions. The VDMA trade association publications 10 and 11 define minimum requirements for disinfection performance. Both trade association publications are now available in an updated version.
Working group of the Packaging Machinery Department on specific topics relating to filling machines of hygiene classes IV and V in accordance with VDMA.
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