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Cosmetic improvement for Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association as well as Process Plant and Equipment Association
Uniform implementation of OPC UA in food and packaging machines - this is possible. The basis is the porting of the established Weihenstephan standards into an OPC UA Companion Specification. The VDMA initiatives inspired hundreds of conference visitors.
Use of pulsating and alternating flow for cleaning-in-place (CIP) of membranes
As part of the joint research initiative initiated by the German Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association, promising sensor technologies are being further developed to prototype maturity and evaluated under practical conditions according to uniform criteria. A project volume of 1.85 million euros is available to the five participating research institutes for this purpose.
The Working Group "WS goes OPC UA" is currently developing an OPC UA Companion Specification with the aim of mapping the established Weihenstephan standards to an OPC UA information model.
Participation with financial participation possible
In April 2018 the first industry 4.0 experience exchange for food processing and packaging machines took place in the SmartFactoryOWL in Lemgo.
In July 2017, the member companies of the Food Processing Machinery and Packaging Machinery Association were surveyed about their industry 4.0 activities, which gave our association a more differentiated picture than the broader Impulse Industry 4.0 Readiness Study from 2015.
Once designed by NASA for astronaut food, 3D printers have found their way into confectionery, for example. Since 2014 there have been more and more projects to promote and commercialize 3D food printing. Today, 3D food printing is one of the future trends.
At the FVA Food Processing Machinery and Packaging Machinery Industry Day, almost 40 participants discussed the need for research in the field of drive technology from the point of view of the industry. Two project outlines were drawn up and submitted to the FVA for implementation.
73 participants accepted the invitation to the first industrial working meeting "Hygienic Design Hygienic Production" on 30 May in Frankfurt. Out of 21 project proposals from 15 research institutes, five projects were selected for follow-up.
Successful research supported by trade association: SHM technology can be used on an industrial scale. The food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries can also benefit from this.
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Michael Przytulla
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Dr. Peter Golz
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