Project Management

We talked to Domingo Escabias about what project management is all about, why project management is a strategic decision in the company and what skills a good project manager should have.


Trade fairs are the showcases of mechanical engineering. But how do I present my company and how do I present my innovations in such a way that I differentiate myself from other exhibitors? How does my trade fair stand become a crowd-puller? And how do I remain in the memory of my customers?


Online readers decide within a few seconds whether they want to stay with an article or not. If you want to win over your readers, you have to deliver good texts. They must be clear, comprehensible and short. Improve your writing style with these 10 Golden Rules.
13 questions answered by Michael Matthiass - Creative writing coach
The headline decides whether the reader wants to read an article or not. "We only have one shot - and it has to sit," says Holger Paul, Press Officer of the VDMA, about the difficulty of casting a spell over the reader right from the start so that he feels like reading on.
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