Machine Safety

In 2019 there will also be two Risk Assessment Seminars, on the 10.4.2019 and the 08.10.2019.
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A new list of harmonized standards for the Machinery Directive has been published in the Official Journal of the EU.
The error of the European Commission has been corrected. The European safety standard EN 12331:2003 A2:2010 for meat mincers has been harmonized again.
For the time being, the new guideline for the Machinery Directive is only available in English.
In the course of the revision of EN 415-3 and EN 415-7 and the associated shift from cartoners to EN 415-7, it is planned to no longer treat bag-in-box machines as normative as before.
CEN/TC 153 has decided to withdraw Technical Report TR 15623 "Food processing machinery - Guideline - Materials in the food industry". We explain background and alternative.
The draft of the VDI guideline 2263 "Dust fires and dust explosions; hazard assessment - protective measures" has been published. Objections are possible until 31.07.2017.
Matthias Balley
Matthias Balley
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Ortwin Fink
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