It is foreseeable that consumption data for packaging systems will be requested more and more frequently in future. But how can data from different manufacturers be compared? Can the data be transferred to the conditions in user operation? Do they stand up to scrutiny? VDMA 8751: 2019-03 "Filling and packaging machines - Specification and measurement of energy and media consumption" provides the basis for answering these questions.
"List of missing substances" submitted for elastomers/silicone
The third edition of VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Document No. 2 has been published recently.
The VDMA Specification looks at flat film to be processed on tubular bag and sealed- edge bag forming, filling and sealing machines. Quality appraisal criteria have been collated for these films and foils and minimum requirements compiled for these criteria which, when fulfilled, usually warrant troublefree operation of the aforementioned machines.
The new version of DIN 8743 will be published in January 2014. Anyone who refers to the DIN 8743 key figures for machine acceptance in the contract should consider the changes to the standard.
The subject of this VDMA standard sheet is films for the production of blister packs for pharmaceuticals on thermoforming, filling and sealing machines (so-called blister machines).
The professional association publication published in 2006 defines leak tightness classes for pouches and thermoformed packaging.
ISO/TC 313 launches WG 1 with standard on general requirements
Read Infomation about technical regulations
Energy and utility media consumption of packaging machinery is dependent on the operation pattern of the machine system considered. This VDMA standard sheet defines key figures and machine performance levels for which average energy and media consumption could be specified related to defined boundary conditions. Based on these specifications the expected energy- and media consumption could be calculated for a given production pattern. The calculated consumption could be verified by measurement of energy and media consumption in the course of an acceptance run of the machine system.
This VDMA-specification provides two concepts for the determination of the yield of tablet presses. The (overall) yield of a tablet press is distinguished from the technical yield of a tablet press whereas for the calculating of the technical yield only product losses related to the processing unit ‘tablet press’ are considered.
The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within VDMA is making translations available.
The main focus of this project work is the definition of a uniform interface for the transfer of important batch and production data from machine to machine.
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