Position paper 'Materials and articles for contact with packing gases, propellants, air or compressed air for food production or processing'.

19.01.2018 The Food Machinery and Packaging Machinery Association has published a position paper on materials and articles for contact with gases for food applications dated 4 October 2016.

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Publication by the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association defines leakproofness classes of flexible packaging units

06.06.2013 6.6.2013 - This VDMA publication defines leakproofness classes of flexible-pouch and thermoformed packaging units. In doing so, guide values in the form of pore or capillary diameters are assigned to six classes of leakproofness and the relevant test methods are identified which can be used to check compliance with these guide values. German and English edition downloadable free of charge.

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dustrial manufacturing of blister packages for pahrmaceuticals: Criteria for assessing the quality of films and foils intended for manufacture of blister packs for drugs (minimum requirements)

15.08.2013 he topic of this VDMA Specification is films and foils for the production of blister packs for pharmaceuticals on thermoforming, filling and sealing (so-called blister) machines. VDMA 8747 (2013-07) can be purchased exclusively from the Beuth-Verlag. VDMA member companies can download a free copy for internal use from the website of the Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within VDMA.

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