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POSTPONED: Save the date! After completion of the preparatory workshops, we will present the 4 visions for the future of the German food machinery industry not as planned on April 6 in Frankfurt, but on May 11.
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary edition of "Lebensmitteltechnik", Dr. Peter Golz, deputy managing director of the Fachverband Nahrungsmittelmaschinen und Verpackungsmaschinen (German Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association), comments on the future prospects of the German food processing and packaging machinery industry.
With the help of a start-up company and with the support of artificial intelligence, VDMA Future Business has created a searchable compilation of start-up companies relevant to mechanical engineering: Start-up radar.
Together with the VDMA, McKinsey & Company published the "Study Future Perspective of German Mechanical Engineering - Achieving Success in a Dynamic Environment" in 2014.
The combination of new diagnostic methods with the possibilities of data-based medicine and the developments in pharmaceutical technology enables new integrated business models, and consequently a disruptive renewal of drug production and supply, especially in the solids sector. This is shown by a future scenario commissioned by the VDMA from the management consultancy Tetragon Consulting.
After more than 20 years, the Food Processing Machinery and Packaging Machinery Association has once again taken the glass ball into its hands and developed scenarios for German packaging machinery manufacturers. Then, as now, the industry was faced with a technological revolution. Then as now ...
The documentation of the opening workshop on 13 June is now available. The follow-up workshops will take place on 17 September and 28 October.
Dr. Peter Golz
Dr. Peter Golz
Deputy Managing Director, technical coordination, Applied Automation, EHEDG
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