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Meat Processing Machinery

20.12.2018 The German meat processing machinery industry is in a good position: 2018 was the eighth year of growth for the industry. The production value grew by around 4 percent to almost 1.2 billion euros. Around 60 companies are active in the industry. Domestic business proved to be a strong driver of business development. Exports exceeded the previous year's level.

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Bakery Machinery

The production of bakery machines rose in 2017 by 4 percent above the already high level of the previous year. For the first time the 600 million Euro threshold was crossed - a new record. The impetus for industry growth came primarily from the EU countries and Germany.

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Pharmaceutical machinery

Small batch sizes and high demands on both product safety and the reproducibility of production processes are the main reasons for the emergence of a specialized pharmaceutical engineering industry, which - according to VDMA estimates - amounts to about seven billion euros worldwide.

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Order intake in January: Base effects characterize the picture

12.03.2019 In January, order intake (AE) in the food and packaging machinery segment was 22 percent below the high prior-year figure in real terms. Domestic orders rose by 3 per cent, while orders from abroad fell by 26 per cent.

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Federal participation at the pacprocess Middle East AFRICA 2019

11.03.2019 The pacprocess Middle East AFRICA will take place in Cairo, Egypt, from 09 to 11 November 2019.

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Incoming orders 2018 - No conciliatory conclusion

18.02.2019 In December, incoming orders in the food processing and packaging machinery sector fell by 8 percent in real terms compared with the previous year. Orders from Germany fell by 18 per cent. Orders from abroad in December were 7 per cent below the previous year's level.

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BMWi Market Exploration Trip Myanmar Food and Beverage Industry September 2019 - Information day on the trip on 08 April 2019, VDMA Frankfurt

11.03.2019 From 09 to 13 September 2019 there will be a market exploration trip to Myanmar, on 08 April there will be an information day about the trip.

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Federal participation: upakovka 2019 PROCESSING and PACKAGING

08.08.2018 From 29 January to 01 February 2019 the upakovka PROCESSING & PACKAGING will take place in Moscow (Russia).

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Euromonitor consumer data compactly prepared for you

For the manufacturers of food processing and packaging machinery, data on consumer development are building blocks for assessing the markets. We offer a new service and compile compact fact sheets for you.

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